Woodcrest Corporate Center


Location: Cherry Hill, NJ
Type: Commercial / Class A Office
Surface Area: 335,000 SF
Status or Year Completed: 2005


Industrial buildings reconfiguration and renovation to 335,000 SF Tier 1 Office Center Complex

As a true tier-one operations center, Woodcrest was engineered to meet the needs of 21stcentury businesses. Every detail—including a thoroughly modern network infrastructure and high-capacity power supply with emergency backup—works to make Woodcrest a secure, highly reliable, mission-critical operations center for businesses. And Woodcrest provides employees with a beautiful, dramatic, ergonomic work environment to help maximize productivity.

With more than eight acres under roof, Woodcrest gives tenants a grand sense of open space with the largest single floor plate in the region, sweeping 24’ high steel-and-glass ceilings, spacious floor-to-ceiling exterior glass walls, a breathtaking 40’ x 60’ skylight, and wide 60’ column spacing.

Regionally, Woodcrest Corporate Center has been hailed as a leading example of ‘smart growth’, and a case study for how New Jersey can reclaim and reuse former industrial sites. Additionally, Woodcrest has unequalled access to the PATCO High Speed Line and Interstate 295.

Watertown Arsenal
2501 Renaissance Blvd